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I’m pretty into working out and taking care of my body that is indeed a holy temple. I really want to find a lady who also takes care of her body but is ready to serve Jesus in the same way.

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Being really into standup, my ideal mate likes to laugh. I lead a Christian improve group and would love to bring a special lady to play!

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These days are so quick to jump in the sack! I just want to find a nice Christian girl who will let me take my time and treat her right. It’s pretty cool if you would go to church with me too. Just saying.


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If you're tired of wondering where to meet Christian singles, you need to join Online dating opens up new possibilities for you and your spiritual growth with a potential partner. Maybe you are in a small town without many suitable Christian men. Perhaps you are shy and attend a small congregation which makes discovering potential suitors difficult. Maybe the selection just isn’t up to your standards. Finding and meeting Christian men has never been easier with After all, why should a beautiful, Godly woman with a love for Jesus like yourself have to be alone? You shouldn’t. Secular men might not understand your passion for God and may pressure you into challenging your faith. Dating Christian men becomes fun again in the online forum. You don’t have to be a technological wizard to use the system, and there aren’t heavy and boring forms to fill out. Simply sign up with your email address, and you are ready to start your search for a match! Don’t worry about hidden fees, and no credit cards are necessary because signing up is 100% free! Once you make your profile, it shouldn’t take any time at all to find attractive Godly men to connect with via instant chat or through a private message. When you come together under the name of God, heavenly things can happen.



On other dating sites, I was constantly getting rude messages from men who clearly were not acting in a Godly manner. It was really demoralizing and challenged my faith. I had nearly given up on trying to find a good Christian boy when I joined I was able to find a nice man who grabs my hands every day to pray before dinner. I’m in love.
Most guys laugh when I pray before meals. I had been trying to date for quite some time but wasn’t able to find a guy that was on fire for Jesus and wanted to do mission work with me. Service is such a big part of my life. Thanks to, I was able to connect with a fellow missionary. We’ve gone on two missions together, and it feels so good to serve Christ with someone you love.
rachelNMag4, 31
I’ve been living in denial that the good Lord would allow me to reach my mid-thirties without finding me a good Christian man to build a family with and serve Jesus. Well, my denial paid off. After trying several sites (clearly, I’m 31), I finally tried and was able to connect with Paul nearly immediately. We found a strong connection through our faith. Thanks so much!
inThesky12, 27
I’ve never been happier since trying online dating, and specifically trying to date Christian men. My congregation is small, and it was becoming really difficult to find someone I connected with in and outside of my religious activities. I’m really active and love to go hiking and climb mountains. Luckily, on I found such an amazing Christian man. Our hikes together really become an adventure forward strengthening our relationship with each other and God.
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Many adult online personals are geared towards the secular lifestyle of fast living. On sites like that, it can be difficult to find decent people that respect your faith and values as a Christian single. Faith is an important aspect in your life, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on your core values just to find a connection with someone. It can be difficult to know whether or not somebody is spiritual or involved in developing and cultivating their relationship with Christ and God. With online dating, you now have a tool that can aid you in your search for that special someone to commit to. Put your trust in Him and He will guide you through your dating journey. can assist you in embarking on your spiritual and dating path on your terms. With many features like live chat, you can instantly connect with hundreds of likeminded people who have the ability to know and understand you and your commitment to your faith and God. Engage with potential people in whichever way suits your needs and lifestyle. Don’t worry about having to fill out incredibly long profiles to get your mission underway. With the web and mobile applications, signing up is as easy as submitting your email address to give you access to a place where Christian singles meet.

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We’ve all been there. You’re sitting alone at church on Sundays or at a wedding and are surrounded by people but feel alone. Your faith is extremely important to you, but people you keep meeting seem not to have the same passion and haven’t given themselves over to the power of Christ. We know that in his name we can be whole. It’s time for you to discover where the Christian singles meet. On you will find several profiles of devout believers just like you. No longer do you have to worry about not being able to make your bible study because of a date. On one of the best Christian dating websites you should be able to find someone who wants to go to bible study with you! In a land of desperate men, finding a good Christian man can be refreshing. You should be able to connect over sharing stories from your younger years at church camp or talk about your favorite bible verse as well as your fervent love for Jesus and all the wonderful things he’s made possible for you in your life. You won’t be able to wait to tell your girlfriends what a wonderful Christian man you’ve met on

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7groovyJ, 26

I’m really into a chick that digs my man, Jesus, you know. BUT I’m sick of all these uptight women. I want a church girl who likes adventure, so you better be able to keep up with me.

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Rider4Christ, 35

Every day I trust in God and pray to Jesus to protect me as I get out on the track and loop around at 120 mph. Jesus saved my soul and my life several times, so I’m hoping he can help me find a special lady, too.

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2mosJC, 22

I’m a pretty down to earth guy and need another chill church girl. My dad Is a pastor and I help out on our farm a lot. Hit me up if you are into relaxed bible study.


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