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I really just want somebody who has sweet eyes and a pouty mouth that won’t mind reading me the bible before bed. I like to cuddle, kiss, and chill at home most of the time.

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Sallyjane3, 26

Pretty new to this whole online dating. I just thought it might be worth a shot to find a cute christian lesbian because I can’t be the only one, right?

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angeliqueyez, 30

I’ve nearly given up on finding a true Christian lesbian. It’s difficult enough being a Christian or a lesbian, and the combination just compounds this. Sigh.. I’m into sports, so hit me up for some ball.


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With current lesbian and gay culture, it can be really difficult to find local lesbians who are as passionate in their Christian faith and values. It’s important to find a safe place for women to meet other women. knows this and has a robust section just for you! Sign-up with your email address, and when you're done with your profile, you're ready to meet lesbians near you! The women seeking women section is not hidden away and is easily accessible via the homepage. Finding ladies near you should be a much quicker and easier process than before with online Christian lesbian dating. Don’t worry about being chained to your computer either, because they have a slick mobile application in conjunction with their web application. There is also no need to be technologically savvy to use the application because the interface is easy to use. The whole system is set up to make it simple for you to meet local Christian lesbian singles in minutes, and it’s free! You can use the site to find everything you are looking for in a potential partner both physically and spiritually through Use the site features to deeply connect with other women who share your fire for Christ and love for ladies.



Coming out was super difficult for me, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to find a woman who I felt comfortable being with. There were no other lesbians in my congregation, and I seriously cried myself to sleep night after night because I was so lonely. I prayed about it and decided to try and met a wonderful woman.
I told my friends that I was going to try online dating for Christian Lesbians, I seriously got laughed at. I really had to stand up for my faith and hold strong. Through, I totally found a sweet woman who fits my agenda both physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We are able to connect, have fun, and grow in our faith together while holding strong in our orientation.
I’ve only recently accepted myself as a lesbian and I’m almost 40! Not that I look like it you know. Having a strong faith and belief in Jesus Christ, I thought it would be really difficult for me to find a woman I was interested in and also shared my faith. It was hard in the beginning, for sure. But, joining made the search much easier as I was able to connect with a wider range of women of faith interested in women. Thanks for making my journey easier!
I was all like, “Where are all the sexy lesbian Christians??” I have my morals and ethics and all, but finding attractive women of faith who are seriously interested in women is incredibly hard! I haven’t found my special someone, yet, but I’m getting closer and have been making solid connections and friendships along the way. Christcompanions makes it so much easier to connect with other interesting women who you know at least share your belief in God and sexual orientation.
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Many adult online personals are geared towards the secular lifestyle of fast living and often don’t connect women to women. On sites like that, it can be difficult to find decent people that respect your faith and values as a Christian Lesbian. Faith is an important aspect in your life, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on your core values just to find a connection with someone. It can be difficult to know whether or not somebody is spiritual or involved in developing and cultivating their relationship with Christ and God. With online dating, you now have a tool that can aid you in your search for that special someone to commit to. You no longer have to rely on friends to help you find a woman of faith. can assist you in embarking on your spiritual and dating path while keeping your faith and your sexuality in mind. With many features like live chat, you can instantly connect with hundreds of likeminded women who have the ability to know and understand you and your commitment to your faith and God and respect your orientation. Engage with potential partners in whichever way suits your needs and lifestyle. Don’t worry about having to fill out incredibly long profiles to get your mission underway. With the web and mobile applications, signing up is as easy as submitting your email address to give you access to a place where Christian single lesbians meet.

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You shouldn’t have to be ashamed for embracing dating and being a spiritual woman. Maximize your singleness for God and accept that you are in a season of life that affords some freedoms and benefits you will not have if and when you marry. It is a good time to focus on yourself so that you can be a good partner. Dating for Christian lesbians is difficult, though, and it’s easy to get discouraged in a land of non-believers, hate, and heterosexuals. It can be difficult to find a woman who takes her faith and her sexuality seriously. Here on, this is the place where single lesbian Christians meet to find a spiritual and romantic connection with others of shared faith and sexual orientation. Follow the path that God puts in front of you and trust in Him. You already have a strong relationship with Jesus and have embraced your sexuality; it’s time to extend that love and openness to someone who can embrace his Holiness and you at the same time. On other sites, it can be difficult to find someone who won’t pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable for your relationship with Jesus. Just as you open your heart and eyes to God, you should be able to do the same comfortably when meeting Christian lesbian singles online. Find that special someone to develop your relationship with as a part of your commitment to your faith and yourself.

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liksacolaJC, 23

Hi! I’m Sarah, and I’ve recently come out. I really would like to meet someone who wants to take things slowly and will let me cook them dinner.

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Sweetietoots22, 24

I am a burlesque dancer with a fervent love for Jesus. Some people call me hypocritical, but I know my own faith and beliefs and am happy with my decisions. I would like a sweet girl who brings me flowers.

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babzmeboo, 28

I’m looking for a woman who isn’t afraid to be out and open in all respects regarding faith or sexuality. I’m a fervent activist for human rights with my local church and want a partner to share the mission with.


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