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All4the1, 22

I’m a sweet guy! I like to go on service trips regularly and hope to one day be a minister leading a large youth group. Looking for a sweet Christian guy to share my world.

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FireInside, 24

I need a man who isn’t afraid to do duets with me on Sunday. I’m active in the choir and lead an alternative R&B gospel youth group and want someone who I can treat right.

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Got2BHim, 25

As a renewed Christian, I’m looking to deepen my faith and strengthen my relationship with Him. Looking for a guy to love and respect fully and deeply who shares a fire for Christ.


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It can be really difficult to meet gay men online, especially with prominent hookup sites running rampant. You might be feeling like you’ve run out of options or it is impossible to find other gay Christian single men. Look no further for finding gay Christian singles. We know that it’s important for you to find someone whose love for Christ is as strong as yours and shares the same statement of Christian faith as you. With, you no longer have to sacrifice your Christian values when dating online. Many online dating sites are geared towards the quick interaction lacking depth, and this isn’t what you are looking for. Trying to find someone with strong faith and a passion for Christ can be difficult, but you don’t have to sacrifice your own religious values to date someone. Now you can find other men in your situation! The site is free to use and set up is simple! It only takes a few minutes to fill in your information, and then you will be instantly connected to hundreds of gay Christian singles in your area. Soon you can be sharing your favorite Bible passages and sharing your goals and interests with each other. is an easy to use and unique way of meeting other people that share your interests



Being on the road a lot made it really difficult for me to find somebody I could connect with and understood where I stand on my faith and my sexuality. I’m lucky to have found a great man close to my home on He shares my passion for Christ and understands my hectic job and even comes on the road sometimes with me.
I like to have a lot of fun. I go out a lot but am still incredibly devout and balancing these two became overwhelming. It felt like there was no way I could find someone who was alright with my hanging out at parties and being active in the church until I met jimmy on I felt like we had an instant connection and understanding. So happy!
I feel the Lord deep inside me which has been a problem for my dating life in the past. Explaining my fervor to non-christians has been difficult. I am happy to have finally found a man who isn’t ashamed of my faith. I’m proud to bring to him my congregation. Not only do we share our salvation, but he is accepts and loves with my random bursts of dance.
Being gay and Christian complicates dating quite a bit. I had found myself meeting a lot of interesting men, but our lifestyles and expectations from relationships were completely different. I always felt pressured and tested in my faith when dating local gay men. Through, I was able to find a guy that supports and encourages my religious practice and respects my values.
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Welcome to one of the top Christian dating sites for passionate gay Christian singles. Dating doesn’t have to be stressful and difficult. When you have the fire for Christ burning in your heart, you want to share that love with another who shares the same love for Him as you. Being a gay Christian doesn’t have to hinder your love life. On, you will easily be able to browse our members and connect with people close to home that you would be happy to take to church with you on Sunday. Trust in Him and let God be your wingman when it comes to dating online. Here you will find an easy to use interface and fun chatting tools. You may be waiting to make the next move, but sometimes God will tell you to act now in order for you to find happiness. The Internet is no longer a hopeless place to find true Christian dating. You can browse with confidence knowing that each member shares many of your values and desire for service as a member of Christ’s cavalry. You can finally feel at ease when looking for others to date. There really are other men who are looking for somebody to take their hand and raise it to the sky in love for Christ and each other.

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You shouldn’t have to tone down your religious passion in order to date someone. There is no need for you to have to suppress your love for Christ for your dating life. Anyone who will date you should want you to spread your love in the best way for you possible and hopefully share that same love and devotion to God. There shouldn’t be any sneaking around to go to church or feeling guilty for not staying out late on Saturday nights because you don’t want to explain to a new love interest about your devotion to Him. Meet gay Christian singles here on Internet dating for Christian singles has never been easier for gay Christian men. Normally, it would be very difficult to find someone in your congregation who shared other interests with you as well as an attraction. Now, you have access to hundreds of other people who share your dedication and passion for Christ. It doesn’t have to be difficult to honor Christ in both your service and your dating life. With Him on your side, you could find your true match to venture on your religious journey with you. Here you can feel free to be open about your interests and yourself with confidence. Meet someone who will be just as excited about your latest mission trip as you are. Imagine meeting someone who you are excited to invite to your church's bible study!

Meet Your True Christian Partner!


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Hopin4U, 27

Gay culture is really being a drag recently because I feel pressured into partying and having sex with random men. I’M DONE WITH IT!!!! Contact me if ur a nice respectable Christian man.

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2b4Him, 23

I’m really looking for someone to show me how to have good Christian fun. Let’s go play putt-putt or go to a gospel show. I really love live music.

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freshNup2U, 26

Let’s go have fun! I’m a good Christian boy who happens like men. What’s the big deal? If you like fun and might interested in a boy like me, give me a holler.


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